Basic Yoga Postures and their Variations

The Cobra is an exercise designed to increase flexibility. It is one of the most fundamental yoga poses and is a good starting point for beginners to increase flexibility. This pose is a variation of the classic Sun Salutation, in which it is the first pose. It is a good exercise to practice in order to increase flexibility. It is also a good exercise to practice after weight lifting. It is a great exercise for beginners and intermediates.

If you can still stretch further, then slide your hands down your legs, lift them higher, keep the knees together and pull back as much as you can. Hold for a few normal deep breaths, then relax back to the face-prone position, head to one side.

THE SHOOTING BOW: This posture is an excellent pose for improving circulation in the lower back and legs. It is a great pose for improving core strength and posture. It is also a great pose for working on your balance and coordination. In this pose, the left leg is bent and the right leg is straight. The left leg is stretched out in front and the right leg is stretched out in the back. The left foot is caught with the right hand and the right foot with the left hand. The hands are in a straight line with the back. The left arm is lifted up and bent at the elbow, and the right arm is bent at the elbow. As you inhale, you will lift the left foot towards your chest.

As you exhale, you will lower the left foot back down to the ground. You can also alternate sides as needed. This is a great pose for strengthening the core and improving your balance. When doing this pose, it is important to remember that you are lifting the left foot to the left side of your body, which is the opposite direction you are pulling the right foot. This is one of the best poses for improving balance and coordination.