Manduka Yoga Brand – Is It Worth The Investment?

Manduka is a company that has been around for quite some time. It was founded in 1998 by David Swenson who currently serves as its president. Initially the firm specialized in producing orthopedic braces but later expanded into making other products such as custom made shoes and braces specifically designed for people with scoliosis.. Additionally, Mandukas product line now includes their own range of yoga mats along with various accessories related to this practice. The companys reputation speaks volumes about its quality offerings which are known for being both durable and comfortable while also offering excellent value for money. customers have consistently praised Mandukas customer service team too. Many reviews highlight how responsive they were when dealing with any issues or concerns raised by clients. However there have been some complaints against the organization too – one common issue being that it does not provide refunds under most circumstances; instead requiring buyers pay shipping costs if unsatisfied with their purchase. Some users have also reported difficulty reaching out to Manduka representatives without success leading them feeling frustrated at times. Lastly others have expressed disappointment over lack of discount offers from the business despite repeated purchases made over time. Overall though many individuals continue using Manduka’s high-quality merchandise because they appreciate its functionality and affordability alike. Nonetheless certain dissenting voices exist among those who found faults with the firms policies or communication channels during interactions with them.