Essentials For Your First Yoga Class

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and was introduced to the western world by a Hindu monk named Krishnamacharya who developed physical exercises based on Patanjalis philosophy in Yoga Sutras. The benefits of yoga have been documented throughout history and it continues to be widely practiced globally with over 150 countries participating today. Modern day classes are led by qualified teachers who demonstrate postures clearly while answering any questions or concerns raised during sessions. Ashtanga yoga involves using padmasana blocks as support when performing poses whereas other styles like Kundalini, Iyengar or Vinyasa may use special mats instead. To start off your journey into this holistic exercise regimen you will need proper equipment such as natural fibered woolen/cotton yoga mats which offer better durability than synthetic ones and prevent blisters from forming; these can be purchased online or at stores selling yoga gear. Additionally having a bag specifically designed for carrying all personal items including cell phones water bottles etc. ensures convenience during class time. Basic clothing essentials include covering upper body parts adequately with appropriate tops while wearing shorts or pants depending on individual preferences. Props like straps belts bolsters come handy when learning new positions – they provide additional support until one becomes proficient enough without them. You could also consider purchasing DVDs or books written by experienced instructors if there isn’t accessibility nearby where live classes take place. Overall yoga offers numerous health benefits both physically mentally making it worthwhile exploring further!