Alo Yoga – Who Owns Your Favorite Brand?

Alo Yoga has become a go to brand for yogis worldwide due to its exceptional quality activewear and accessories. Despite this success there remains much mystery surrounding who owns the company. In this article we’ll explore Alo Yogas history in depth and reveal once and for all who controls it.

Alo Yoga – The Popular Practice

Marco DeGeorge’s vision for Alo Yoga was clear from the start – he wanted to create athletic wear that could withstand even the most intense yoga practices. With innovative designs and top quality materials like breathable fabrics and four way stretch technology on offer it wasn’t long before consumers worldwide took notice of this brand. Today over one million people follow their Instagram account while celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are counted among its fans; a testament to how much they value providing exceptional products for all types of fitness enthusiasts.

Is Alo Yoga Really Made in the USA?

Alo Yoga prides itself on being “truly American made” by designing and manufacturing all their products in Los Angeles using only top quality domestic materials. However recent reports suggest otherwise – some clothing items produced by Alo Yoga come from countries like China or Vietnam rather than America itself! This raises questions about whether they can truly live up to this claim as consumers become more aware of where things originate from. As companies like Alo Yoga face these types of allegations moving forward it will be interesting to see how they respond.

Alo Yoga Ownership – The Facts

Alo Yoga’s striking exterior may not reveal its full history. One possibility is that it could be owned by a larger corporation keeping their involvement under wraps from viewers eyes. Rumors suggest Gaiam, another well known yoga brand might have some connection with Alo Yoga as well.

Gaiam – A Brand That Refuses To Die

Gaiam was once a household name in the yoga industry but has struggled to keep up with newer brands like Alo Yoga. However according to insiders Gaiams not giving up just yet – they may be secretly backing Alo Yogas growth as part of their strategy for staying relevant within this competitive marketplace. If true then it would make sense why Alo Yoga is experiencing such rapid expansion despite challenges facing other retail sectors. With so much at stake its clear that both companies are determined to succeed no matter what obstacles come their way!


Alo Yoga has gained popularity among yogis worldwide despite its claims being questionable. Ultimately the decision to support them or not is up to you but with this knowledge about their origins and potential ties with other major players in the industry at hand, making an informed choice becomes easier.